Art of Metrics

Students are often under the impression that econometrics is a dry and difficult subject, when actually, quite the opposite is true. While the subject is incredibly useful and in its relevance is extremely rewarding and exciting to learn, it is hard to find a textbook or an online platform that makes econometrics a more intuitive and engaging subject for students to learn. In the summer of 2015, Sarah Thomas (who is a graduate student at NYU) and I, decided to create such platform. Our goal was simple: How to present econometrics in a more interesting and practcial way. The concepts and methods in econometrics are actually rather straight-forward and intuitive. The only reason why most people think the opposite is true is that in current econometrics instruction, these concepts and methods are often buried under a slew of formulas and technical terms that are understandably intimidating for a student who has never seen or used them before.

With this project we aim to take a first step in changing econometrics instruction, and we focus on two things to make the change:

Bringing the intuition of econometrics to the forefront of teaching and learning the subject AND utilizing an online platform to make the learning process more adaptive and interactive.

The project is at its final stages and we hope to have the first student on the platform by the end of March, 2016. Stay tuned!

The Canvass

The Canvass is the first platform in economics that encourages and facilitates post-publication discussion. We believe that in the information era intellectual discourse now happens in places well beyond the ivory tower, knowledge is disseminated at a faster pace, content is available to a broader audience, one-sided expression of opinion has shifted towards conversation and debate, and ideas are less frequently assessed according to the rank and fame of contributors, but rather by the merit of the ideas and arguments being put forward.

The Canvass also aims to encourage research by exposing ideas so that faculty, researchers, and students themselves develop a more nuanced understanding of important issues in economics. Researchers can subscribe to discussions so they will be notified of new development of the debate.

The Canvass hopes to bring subtlety and understanding to the discussions in the field of economics by representing all sides of a debate.

Canvass is still under development. We hope to open the platform to everyone soon!

The Canvass

Inequality.Education will be a collaborative project by Barnard College students in the course Economics of Inequality, Aboozar Hadavand, and Sarah Thomas. This book will hopefully serve as a source, or an encyclopedia, for undergraduate students interested in inequality through an economic lens. If you are an independent student (from another university or other departments at Barnard College) you are welcome to collaborate on this project.

The website will be ready soon and will be the first attempt to create a textbook for an undergraduate Economics of Inequality class.

The Canvass

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